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Smart Phones, Smart Students at SUNY Purchase’s First (Fake!) Smartphone Press Conference

SUNY Purchase Journalism Professor, Ross Daly, faking it for a smartphone presser

SUNY Purchase Journalism Prof. Ross Daly, faking it for a smartphone presser (Photo by Kim Whitehead)

Students used their smartphones to cover a “press conference” for my Multimedia Tools class yesterday putting them in the forefront of a new trend in journalism.

The fake presser starred Pleasantville Police Chief Cliff Huxtable (ably played by SUNY Purchase Journalism Professor Ross Daly) who was announcing the arrest of a liquor store bandit. When the questions were done, he produced a mug shot, which students also had to copy with their phones.

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“Purchkids” Buckle Up! Here Comes Purch – A New Campus Student Web Mag

Check out Purch. It’s the brainchild of Aaron Kass, a sophomore double majoring in journalism and sociology. He’s put together a team of students and here’s what he said about what they’re up to:

“The magazine covers art, entertainment, fashion, technology, and editorials. Our stories range from campus oriented to things that “Purchkids” are interested in around the world. I got the idea while in Los Angeles over winter break. I didn’t think the other publications on campus had what I wanted so I decided to start my own. So, while still in LA, I got a staff together and started getting an article list together. We had our first budget meeting the week we got back to school and took it from there.

We’re definitely looking for contributors! We also have two editorial positions open- technology and entertainment editors.

The magazine is a monthly publication. It will be posted online to save both paper and money.

I haven’t published anything before this. I worked on my high school newspaper and learned how to use the layout program, Quark Xpress. For this, I used Adobe InDesign. I taught myself how to use it, mostly by trial and error.

They have a great tmblr blog where you can watch this video of their first photo shoot:

Is that you on fashion, Cailey Rizzo?!!!!

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