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Dateline Predator Catcher Chris Hansen Hangs with SUNY Purchase Journalists

Dateline's Chris Hansen with our Journalism 1 class.

Dateline’s Chris Hansen with our Journalism 1 class.

There’s nothing like a bit of star power to add some zing to a field trip. So when Chris Hansen emerged into the corridors of Dateline’s offices to press the flesh of some very excited SUNY Purchase Journalism 1 students yesterday, I knew the field trip had just gone from great to fantastic.

I had to smile when someone called out,”Thanks for catching all those predators, Chris.” (Was that you, Corinne?) Hansen, a Dateline correspondent, known for the hugely popular series “To Catch A Predator” was extremely charming and spent some time talking to the students about journalism and his job. He gamely posed for endless photographs, which really seemed to be the highlight of the trip.


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Latinos React to the Election and SUNY Purchase Journalism Student Covers it

That right there is SUNY Purchase Journalism student, Sheyla Navarro, looking extremely professional in a wonderful piece she did for Larchmont Mamaroneck Community Television LMC-TV on Latino reaction to the presidential election.

I know, the election’s long over at this point, but my pride in her endures. Sheyla, who likes to be called, Shey, hails from Peru, and since she walked into my Journalism 1 class last year, she’s impressed me with her news instincts and determination.

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SUNY Purchase Packed the House at The Trisha Show

SUNY Purchase students in the audience at The Trisha Show as the theater fills up

About 50 SUNY Purchase journalism students were in the studio audience during a taping of The Trisha Show last week, getting an up-close look at a media extravaganza.

The show is in the style of The Jerry Springer Show and The Maury Show and stars a British host, Trisha Goddard. It most certainly is NOT JOURNALISM. But it was educational, and there was a lot to talk about afterwards.

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