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Jobs for Journalists at Patch is recruiting journalists. Here’s where you can apply. If you are a journalism student, you may not have quite the experience they’re looking for in an editor (the editors’ bios are at the top of each local site). But you can see if there’s a Patch in your hometown and do some freelancing for them.

Patch bills itself as a start-up that is “radically reinventing community journalism.” Time will tell if this proves to be true. They launched a little over a year ago and have a number of sites up and running around the country. They’re expanding  – hence the job openings.

For journalism students, it’s instructive to look at what they’re looking for in an editor.  I think it’s a sign of the times that in addition to the usual journalistic skills like knowledge of AP Style, applicants need to know how to edit video and use social networking tools in their reporting.

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