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Long Island Journalism Student In Email Tiff With Apple’s Steve Jobs

Check out this ValleyWag story about a frustrated journalism student assigned to write a story about iPads. She emails Steve Jobs to complain about Apple’s PR department. To her surprise she gets an email back from him. Jobs is known for doing this every now and again, which, I have to say, I like about him. Although, in this case, after exchanging emails with the Long Island University student, his reply, according to the ValleyWag story, is: “Please leave us alone.” The moral of the story for journalism students: it’s always worth reaching out for that long-shot interview – you never know, you just might get it. In this case, the student gave in to petulance. Persistence is important in journalism, and it always works best when accompanied by politeness.


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Ines Sainz Locker Room Flap

Regardless of what you think about the Ines Sainz locker room brouhaha (she endured catcalls and lewd behavior from Jets players and coaches), can we all agree that interviewing grown men while they’re naked is just strange. As I heard one reporter say on an NPR broadcast on this story, business reporters don’t interview corporate CEO’s in the bathroom, fashion reporters don’t interview magazine mavens while they’re having their eyebrows plucked. I say let the interviews happen for everyone – male and female reporters – outside the locker room. I’ve read that many players have been arguing this for years.

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Rev. Al Sharpton To Launch His Own TV Show

Perhaps this is a case of, “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.” Or maybe Rev. Al Sharpton figured he was spending so much time as a talking head on TV talk shows that he may as well start up one of his own. But the news is that the flamboyant self-described civil rights leader from Harlem is to launch his own media company and Sunday Morning TV show, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The controversial civil rights advocate will unveil his 30-minute show, “Education Superhighway,” Thursday morning at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s 40th Annual Legislative Conference. It’s already cleared in 150 markets, including KCOP in Los Angeles.

Sharpton’s media company, ESH Holdings (named after the series’ initials) will produce the TV show as well as a planned print magazine.

I have to admit, I always enjoyed covering Rev. Al at his House of Justice in Harlem. He certainly makes for great TV.

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