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Purchase College Staffer Survives Costa Concordia Tragedy, Interviewed on CNN

Found it! The footage¬†of the Purchase journalism program’s beloved video guru, Nancy (Lofaro) ¬†Kane, telling CNN about her harrowing escape from the Costa Concordia as it capsized. “They’re full of it,” she thought, as the ship’s staff tried to reassure passengers that everything was under control. She and her husband made it into a lifeboat, but for a few seconds saw her life flash before her as the tiny boat was tossed around in the waves near the sinking ship.

Nancy was enjoying some well-earned rest and relaxation in Florence when we exchanged emails last week and was due back to New Rochelle this past weekend. Welcome back to dry land, Nancy.

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Great First Student Video

Students in my Journalism 1 class get an introduction to video in two class sessions that I jokingly call “Whirlwind Intro to Multimedia Boot Camp.” Because that’s what it is, a whirlwind. In about three hours, spread over two days, they learn how to shoot video, edit it and move it onto their class blogs. Some of the work that emerges is creative and fun. As is this video by Alina Suriel. She’d never really met Zoe Berger, her classmate, before I paired them together. They bonded. And what Alina tossed out of the whirlwind was a sweet little profile that captures Zoe perfectly.

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Win a Trip Abroad With NYTimes Columnist Nick Kristoff

January 22 is the deadline for New York Times Columnist Nick Kristoff’s Win-A-Trip 2012. This year he’s taking a college student on a humanitarian trip that will last up to two weeks. The instructions for how to enter are here. The Center for Global Development sponsors the trip and helps pick the winner. Here’s his video invitation for applications. It’s an amazing opportunity.

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