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Purchase Journalism Grad Lands Job as Associate Editor of Long Island Paper

Susan Varghese was always a pleasure to have in my classes. She worked hard, wrote well and was always wonderfully cheerful. She also distinguished herself by becoming Purchase’s first correspondent for, a website about college life. It was clear she was going to land on her feet when she graduated last year. And sure enough, I heard great news from her earlier this month:
 I work at The South Shore Standard, a full color weekly in the south shore of Long Island. It covers The Five Towns: Inwood, Hewlett, Cedarhurst, Atlantic Beach, Lawrence (and Woodmere). I’m the Associate Editor, but I also do a lot of reporting. It’s a small editorial staff. I cover a variety of topics, but I report on anything from village meetings, crimes, and fashion to the occasional sports story. The stress is enormous, but I’ve learned an incredible amount…almost enough to forgive the six white hairs I’ve found! Journalism is definitely not a 9-5!

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