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SUNY Purchase’s The Beat Launches. Feel it. Follow it. Read it.

It’s been a hard slog for SUNY Purchase journalism professor, Andrew Salomon, and his dedicated crew of staffers, but The Beat is finally out and they are celebrating tonight with a launch party. All are welcome: today, Sept. 19, at  The Stood from 5:30 onwards.

There’ll be food and drink. But, more importantly, there’ll be performances by beat-boxer, Spencer Polanco, and Purchase band, Coyote Campus.

Independently funded by 96 backers who donated over $5,000 through Kickstarter, The Beat is what SUNY Purchase has been crying out for: a publication about music and arts on campus that showcases the work of journalists, editors, designers and photographers as well as the artists and musicians they feature in their pages.

To critics who say that print is dead and that digital is the way forward, Prof. Salomon, in his memorable Letter from the Publisher, says: “I don’t care.” And in my experience, neither do many students, who, though they may be digital creatures are often drawn to tangible products like vinyl records and glossy print magazines.

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SUNY Purchase Journalism Student at the Democratic National Convention for NBC

Kyle McKenzie at the Democratic National Convention for NBC

Purchase Journalism senior, Kyle McKenzie, hasn’t even graduated yet and he’s already covered a national political convention. Kyle was down in Charlotte, North Carolina for the Democratic National Convention with NBC as a runner.

If you’ve ever met Kyle, you only have to be in his company for a moment and hear his deep booming voice to know that he’s destined for TV. (He entered Purchase as a student in the prestigious Design/Technology program for Stage Management in the Conservatory of Theater Arts, but, as he says, his heart was in journalism, and made the rare move of switching programs.)

He very kindly took a moment to answer a few journoprof questions in an email exchange:

1) Tell me about your gig at NBC: How you got it, how long you’ve been there, what you do?

I started with NBC last January as an intern on the msnbc show ‘NewsNation w Tamron Hall’. There I learned about every facet of the television news industry from anchor-producing to editorial meetings. From there I heard about an opportunity to serve as a runner for the upcoming political conventions. I talked to the people in charge of coordinating the runners, applied and was selected to work the Democratic National Convention.

2) Describe how you found out that you were going to the DNC.

I was eating out with friends in July of this past summer and decided to check my email real quick on my iPhone. I had an email in my inbox so I checked it thinking it was going to be some piece of spam mail, when it was from NBC informing me I was chosen to work the upcoming convention. As you can imagine, I didn’t end up eating much of my lunch as I was just too excited. I kept checking my email to make sure that I read the email correctly…which I did 🙂

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SUNY Purchase Journalism Professor Mary Alice Williams Back on the WeekendToday Show for a 25-Year Celebration

That’s Mary Alice Williams in blue behind Al Roker looking as comfortable in front of the camera as ever. She was back on the Today show this weekend to celebrate 25 years of weekend broadcasts.

Williams, who is assistant professor of journalism at SUNY Purchase, co-anchored with Garrick Utley from 1989 to 1993.

Here’s the Purchase College write-up on it which gives the highlights of her stellar career in TV, including her stint as one of the founding forces behind CNN.

Mary Alice Williams on Weekend Today before and after

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