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The Beat Hits a New Note at Purchase College and Inspires a Similar Magazine at SUNY Binghamton

The Beat, Issue 2.

The Beat, Issue 2.

The second act is sometimes the toughest. So the challenge facing student staffers at The Beat this semester was to prove that Purchase College’s new music magazine was no one-hit-wonder.

When the second issue came out earlier this month with an eye-popping Culture Shock front cover, engrossing articles, and spectacular images, the message was clear: The Beat is here to stay.

What’s more, their winning formula of a high-quality student-generated arts and culture publication has inspired a similar publication at SUNY Binghamton, called Impact.

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Journalism One. Fall 2012. Last Day of Class.

journalism1class2My Journalism 1 class was oozing personality this semester. Can you tell?

There was a hurricane and a snowstorm and a trip to Dateline. We traversed the campus, meeting sometimes in the Natural Science building, sometimes in Library labs, sometimes in Library classrooms.

Through it all they did not complain, filed their stories (most of them), took their news quizzes, and came to class ready to learn, ready to have fun learning.

One student got an internship at Dateline (Johanna Waldron), two students got interviewed for internships at The Trisha Show (Maggi Elgendy and Jessie Pauli), and one student got a story published at thepurchasebrick.com (Hannah Ednie).

A smart bunch. Lots of potential!

Picture courtesy of Corinne Santiago.


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Check Out This Poster! With Art Like That, You Know The Show’s Gotta Be Great!

USGVP POSTER-1Update: I went to see the show and it WAS great. Scott was funny, sincere and touching. Above all, boy can he sing! 

Now THAT looks like a show you want to see, does it not?

That charming young man at the center of it all is one of my students: Scott Galina, a SUNY Purchase Journalism/Drama Studies double major who is doing a one-man show for his senior project.

The enticing poster was designed for him Purchase Graphic Design grad Kevin Burke with Scott’s input.

I’ve known Scott for some years now and he’s always impressed me with his wit, humor, and a writing style that oozes with personality.

No doubt all that will come into play in this piece, the culmination of his years at Purchase.

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A SUNY Purchase Fashionista Blogs About Her Closet and Campus Fashion

The outfits! The nails! The hair! The tattoos! SUNY Purchase students have a reputation for their fashion sense. Take a look at this blog, which captures all the creativity that gets paraded around campus each day.

Click on a picture to see the photos up close.

Alina Suriel started this blog using her nom de plume – Alina Angelica – in my Journalism 1 class last semester and she’s worked hard to keep it going. She calls it her “virtual closet” and blogs about her outfits in photo-oriented posts. She also takes her camera out onto the Mall, around campus, and to parties, creating a digital canvas of the groovy Purchase sartorial scene.

She breezed into my office recently, and I persuaded her to answer some questions about her blog, which she was kind enough to do in a subsequent email exchange:

1) When did you start the blog and what was the idea behind it?

I started the blog about 4 months ago in your class. I had been meaning to blog for a while, and so sitting through a whole lesson about blogging was a great kickstart to that. This blog is a virtualization of something I would do when I was younger to keep track of my outfits. I would keep lists of the individual components of the outfit (black cowboy boots, striped blue shirt, etc) on index cards, as a reference if I ever didn’t know what to wear. In my blog when I post about myself  I still list the things I wear as tags which link back to other things I’ve worn with that item.

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Another Field Trip! This Time to CBS with Prof. Mary Alice Williams

Top row left to right: Kelly Baumgarten, Aurora Fowlkes and Sophie Nchomottoh-Edme. Bottom row: Laura Romero, Victoria Hill and Madasyn Czebiniak

Purchase Journalism Professor Mary Alice Williams has been taking her Purchase Journalism Junior Seminar students back to her old CBS haunts so they can get a feel for real-world journalism. These field trips can be life-changing experiences.

This group looks so professional, do they not?

Picture courtesy of Victoria Hill


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New York Times Reporter, Alan Schwarz, Visits Purchase to Discuss Groundbreaking Series Linking Football Concussions to Dementia

Alan Schwarz of the New York Times in the Purchase Humanities Theater

Alan Schwarz’s extraordinary series of more than 100 articles for The New York Times about the dangers of concussions in the N.F.L got him nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, prompted Congress to act, and revolutionized the thinking about sports-related head injuries.

On Wednesday, invited in by Journalism Professor Andrew Salomon, Schwarz gave a gripping talk to students gathered in the Humanities Theater describing in detail how he used his math background and comfort with statistics to prove a link between concussions and dementia.

A career baseball writer before he took on the N.F.L concussion story, Schwarz concluded the session by signing and selling his books.

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