Attention Journalism Students: Want To Pass Your News Quizzes? Purchase Journalism Grad To The Rescue!

Tom (l) and Charlie Szold at College Daybreak HQ

Tom Szold (Class of 2007) and his younger brother, Charlie, could be on to something: a kind of cheat sheet for journalism students trying to get on top of the news of the day. Their invention is College Daybreak. Students can sign up for FREE and each morning a manageable list of the big stories of the day is emailed right to them. The slogan is “Everything You Need to Know. Nothing More.”

Tom, a Purchase journalism grad who now works for a public affairs company in DC, is promoting Daybreak in his spare time. Charlie, who is a journalism grad from American University, invented the idea. He’s the one who gets up at 5 in the morning and spends two and a half to three hours putting the Daybreak together before heading off to his job as an assistant online producer at USA Today.

“He’s a hell of a trouper,” says Tom of his kid brother.

Daybreak launched a little over a year ago and already they have more than 1,000 subscribers. Their latest move is to localize the Daybreak to include news specific to a particular campus. At Purchase, they’ve roped in Ashley Helms, a journalism major, to work as the editor for Purchase Daybreak. (Note to Purchase journalism students: good place for story ideas.)

Support these guys! Share, Like, Follow, Tweet. Get the word out! Go HERE to sign up. It’s FREE!

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One response to “Attention Journalism Students: Want To Pass Your News Quizzes? Purchase Journalism Grad To The Rescue!

  1. Virginia Breen

    Cheers to the Szold brothers’ entrepreneurial spirit!

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