The Beat Needs You, SUNY Purchase

Update: Weds April 25. They made their target! The Beat is officially funded. But the fundraising continues. The staff would like to raise as much as they can to be able to sustain the magazine and turn it into a permanent institution at Purchase.

Journalism Prof. Andrew Salomon and his dedicated team are sooooo close to making the $5,000 they need to launch a new music magazine for Purchase.

But they still need a little more. Can you help?

Last I checked, 65 people had already donated and they just had $800 to go. Click here to access their Kickstarter site and donate.

The magazine is not set to debut until next Fall, but they already have a Facebook page with updates about the Purchase music scene, and an able editorial staff has been assembled. Purchase journalism alums, Briana Rodriguez and Scott Duwe are heading up the masthead. A slew of the journalism program’s top talent have signed up to be staff. The articles for the first issue have already been written, the photos have been taken, Purchase design students have created the mag’s logo and page design. They just need the money to print.

“I’m doing it because I love music and I enjoy seeing all the talent we have on campus and I think everyone should be aware of what we have,” said Catherine Castro, a journalism junior and the magazine’s director of social media and marketing.

“Everyone’s really excited,” she added. “It’s kind of like our baby so we’ve been working really hard on it.”

It’s hard to believe Purchase doesn’t already have a music magazine. Prof. Salomon and his team were told by the school administrators that to prove The Beat was more than just an idea, they’d have to raise the first $5,000. If they hit their target, and it looks like they’re close, The Beat will become an ongoing concern.

“The Brick and The Indy do a great job of providing practical experience
for journalists and other writers at Purchase, but The Beat gives the
college something it doesn’t yet have: a print-based publication for
long-form journalism that’s dedicated to music and the arts,” Prof. Salomon said.

He added: We need $5,000 because it costs about $4,000 to print 1,000 copies of our inaugural issue, which will be distributed free on campus. We’re also
hoping to mail at least 100 copies to alumni. The extra $1,000 will go to
the fees charged by and, which processes the

They’re hoping to raise way more than the $5,000 to help sustain the magazine, which they are hoping will become a Purchase institution to be around for a long time.

Here’s that Kickstarter link again. You can give as little as $5. These guys are serious. I’ve donated! I can’t wait to see it.

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  1. Andrew Salomon

    Actually, we accept donations as low as $1. But if you give $5 or more, you get a free coaster! What could be than that! Why am I shouting?! Probably because I’ve had so little sleep all semester!

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