Journoprof Has Moved!

Farewell old friend: Hum 2008

After almost a decade in Humanities Room 2008, I’m moving!

My new office is located in Room 0009G in the basement of the library. In fact, the entire journalism faculty is being relocated to a journalism “suite” down there.

The rest of the Humanities faculty will vacate their offices in the summer and move in to new rooms in various places around campus.

The move is only temporary – while the Humanities Building gets a top to bottom renovation. And we’ll all move back into a lovely new building, we’re told, in a couple of years.

I was sad to leave my familiar old office. How many students have I advised in there? How many papers graded?

I’ll miss my window. We have none down in our new basement digs. And I’ll miss my Humanities colleagues. But at least I’ll be able to hang out with my pals, the five other SUNY Purchase Journoprofs.

Come visit! We have a coffee pot!

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