Purchase Journalism Alum, Adam Breidbart, Moves Up to Part-Time News Producer at FiOS 1 News

Purchase Alum Adam Breidbart

Adam Breidbart (Class of 2011) was back on campus recently and checked in with Prof. Mary Alice Williams to share some good career news about his gig at Fios 1 News where he is Audio Operator.

Here is what he told her:

I am now a part-time news producer here at FiOS 1 News on top of my audio duties. I have been training and working really hard and I am now producing shows here and there on morning shows and weekend shows as a fill-in producer when other producers are not in.  It has been going great. I am enjoying it so much and learning a whole lot. I am on the right track to soon become a full-time news producer here. I continue to get more and more producing shifts and things are going great. Producing is definitely for me.”

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