Huff Post Takes On College Media

This in from Virginia Breen: The Huffington Post is to take on college media with a new section called HuffPost College.

This from Megan Garber’s story in Columbia Journalism Review:

Enter…The Huffington Post. Today, “the Internet newspaper” added a new vertical, its nineteenth, to its array of specialized sections. “HuffPost College” features content aggregated from college newspapers from across the country—fifty-five of them at this point, including schools like Berkeley, Princeton, Iowa State, the University of Alaska at Fairbanks, the University of Montana, Harvard, and the Savanna College of Art and Design—who have entered into content-sharing agreements with the outlet.

“I’m thrilled with the kind of things they’re producing,” Leah Finnegan, the section’s coordinator, says of the partner papers. “It’s really interesting, unique, original stuff—stuff that you wouldn’t hear about otherwise.” Finnegan edited the Daily Texan, UT-Austin’s 30,000-circulation paper—so she might be biased—but it’s hard to argue with her, and the section’s, underlying logic: “The college newspapers, of course, cover this stuff the best.”

Every day, the HuffPost College team—Finnegan is working under the HuffPost’s technology editor, Jose Antonio Vargas—will cull twenty or so stories from the Web pages of the HuffPost’s partner publications, linking, posting, and otherwise giving the full HuffPo treatment to those pieces. The vertical will be “a center for college news,” with “a laser focus on college journalism,” Finnegan says. “I’m definitely looking for things that will interest a broader audience than simply college students.” (Indeed, with its campus-and-beyond focus, the vertical bears a bit of resemblance to the Paper Trail blog, U.S. News and World Report’s college-headline aggregator.)

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