Students Help Cops Zero in on Chandra Levy Suspected Killer

CNN reports that a group of criminal justice students from Bauder College in Atlanta helped the police narrow in on the immigrant suspected in the 2001 killing of Washington D.C. intern, Chandra Levy.

They spent hours with the slain intern’s mother, Susan Levy, who flew from her home in California to Atlanta just to talk to them. Chandra Levy had studied criminal justice in college, too.

They began with a list of five suspects, then narrowed it down to one. On December 28, they mailed their findings to the police chief in Washington, D.C. They never heard back.

But on Saturday, the text and phone messages began to fly. There’s a suspect, they told each other with excitement. An arrest is imminent.

“It completely validates 15 months of work,” their teacher, Sheryl McCollum, said that Saturday morning. “We knew this case was solvable. There was no reason for it not to be solved.”

Here’s the whole CNN story: LINK.

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